This semester I am taking a class called ISE 112 ( Industrial and Systems 112) which is a fancy word for Computer Graphics. Going into Industrial I didn’t think I would have to learnt to draw anything or design anything however through this class I have learnt how to use AutoCAD.

Before this class, if someone would have asked me what I thought of AutoCAD I would have said :

“ Isn’t that the software that civil engineers or draftsman use to draw big complicated drawings”

After about three weeks of being in this class I must say that I have come to love AutoCAD. We have been learning how to draw 3-D isometric objects and then we used those drawings to make solid shapes. The whole point of learning how to use AutoCAD as an industrial engineer is so that we can know how drawings should look like so that when we go through projects where drawings and designs are submitted using AutoCAD we can read and analyze them efficiently.

As an Industrial Engineer I have been learning slowly that it’s not necessarily about what courses we take but rather about how we develop our minds from the concepts in those courses. We need to develop and train our brains to think in a analytic way that allows us to problem solve effectively. AutoCAD helps us develop our brains and we learn how to draw and analyze designs of materials and machines.

So below I have 3 reasons for why AutoCAD is necessary:

  • You learn how to use AutoCAD to draw, design and make certain objects. (We are lucky at Lehigh because we have a state-of-the-art 3-D printer that can print our designs straight off AutoCAD)
  • It’s an additional software that we can put onto our resume. Contrary to popular belief not a lot of industrial engineers know how to use AutoCAD, so having this software would definitely make one stand out.
  • It’s fun to use. Yes, now in hindsight I see that AutoCAD isn’t just for boring old civil engineers or draftsman but there is something fun about taking a 2-D drawing, making it 3-D, making it a solid and then printing it out.

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