This past week the class officers of 2018 ( yep that’s my class) organized a 5×10 for the first years. During the first ten weeks of college you will begin to develop new routines. The 5×10, which is a programming series open to first year students. All first year students are expected to attend five programs during the first ten weeks of the semester in t least three of the Five Foundations of Student Success in bLUeprint.

The five foundations are Creative Curiosity, Identity Development, Collaborative Connections, Professional Growth and Success and Inclusive Leadership. My fellow class officers and I decided to organize a 5×10 that focuses on Professional Growth and Success. It was a 5×10 that focused on Professional Growth and Success and event was named “ An attitude of Gratitude”. During this event we had Katherine Kennedy who serves as the Associate Director of Stewardship at Lehigh give the first years tips on how to write emails to professors as well as the importance of sending thank you notes.

Originally we had planned for 23 first years but somehow word got out and we had over 120 first years come to our events. It was during this panicked time that my amateur industrial engineering skills came out and I found myself looking for optimal ways get the students registered and in a free seat.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my fellow class officers and I went into engineer mode and adapted our event to accommodate more than 5 times our capacity. Lehigh isn’t an institution that just throws concepts at you but rather an institution where you are able to apply all that you have learnt regardless of how obscure the application is. Everyday I learn the importance of being an engineer and how can apply what I am currently learning in my day to day life. You don’t just suddenly wake up and you are an engineer but it happens in little steps.

Students at the 5×10


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