Career Fair

Pictures from the Career Fair
Pictures from the Career Fair

3 weeks ago I went through my very first serious career fair. Lehigh does an amazing Job of having a career fair where hundreds of companies and internships are represented. Last year as a freshmen I didn’t really have any desire to go and apply for an internship but this year I was determined to go and ask companies what type of jobs were available for Industrial Engineering students.

Being an ISE isn’t easy because we have so many different jobs we would easily fit into to. Currently I am stuck on whether or not I want go into the information and systems track or into the manufacturing and production track.

So I thought it would be a great idea to go to the career fair and ask employers and Lehigh Alumni about the various types of Jobs that are available to me. I had originally planned to go to the big career fair on Goodman campus. However our ISE department had it’s own separate career fair that took all the companies that were interested in ISE Majors and put them in one room. It made the internship hunt easier because the companies that were there were focused on ISE majors as opposed to everyone.

The variety of companies at the fair was surprising; we had companies ranging from Ernst and Young to the electrical company Lutron.

I learnt a lot at the career fair and I am so lucky to go to a school that equips me with navigating the network field. During that career fair I learnt to ask questions and to find out more about companies.

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