It’s Fall Y’all

This weekend I went and spent time at the presidents house as he hosted the it’s Fall Y’all. This is President Simons first fall at Lehigh and unlike the year before he didn’t have a Halloween themed party but rather a fall one which is cool because it means he is making his own path at Lehigh.

The event started at 5 and as I stood around in the chilly air with an abundance of parents around me ( It was parents weekend) I couldn’t wait to get to the petting zoo. Yes, we had a petting zoo, that had, chickens, rabbits, a goat, dogs and other interesting animals. As someone who is very scared of chickens or anything with feathers I must admit that I was really scared of going into the petting zoo but the prospect of the other animals made it worth while.

The music was good, the atmosphere was warm but most importantly the food was GREAT. There was a caramel apple stand where you could get apples with nuts, oreos or mush-mallows. As the more people started coming the line for face painting became longer and longer and unfortunately I couldn’t get my face painted :(, Hopefully next year is better. tumblr_nx58ueKGbr1rfpk4no8_r1_1280 tumblr_nx58ueKGbr1rfpk4no9_1280 tumblr_nx58ueKGbr1rfpk4no10_1280

It really was an awesome evening.

Thank you President Simon for showing this South African what fall really is about.

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