Coding and Cadding

ISE 112 is a computer graphics course offered only in the Fall at Lehigh that at first involves the use of AutoCad but then moves into a coding program known as SAS.  In AutoCad, there is a free space in which one can create virtually any object.  Through different extrusions and drawings you are able to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.  This past week, my class finished up with AutoCad and our final quiz with it was to create a solid Moravian Star.  It was a test of our skills within the program because it required us to start with 2-D drawings, that were extruded into 3-D Objects, which then needed to be arranged and aligned to create a Moravian Star.

Moravian Star
Picture of the Moravian Star in AutoCad’s Model Space

It was a neat experience with a program that is used by so many company’s in the industry.  It was one of my first opportunities to also see some of my designs become a 3-D object which was very fulfilling.  We just started with SAS so we are still very new to the coding language, but it seems very similar to MatLab which is used in ENGR 10 here at Lehigh.  For now, we have mainly been copying code and trying to understand what goes on within it.  I can’t wait to keep using the software and become more familiar with what it is capable of doing.

Code within the SAS Software
Code within the SAS Software
Graph resulting from code within SAS
Graph resulting from code within SAS

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