ISE 111

Textbook Used in Both ISE 111 and ISE 121

The very first course offered to students in the Industrial and Systems Engineering track here at Lehigh is ISE 111.  Most engineers at Lehigh take one class based on probability and statistics.  However, because industrial engineering relies so heavily on the topics, the department splits probability and statistics into their own courses.  This semester’s course involves probability.  I have really enjoyed the class so far because the concepts can be applied to so many different areas.  We learn how to make decisions based on the expected value of probable outcomes in different scenarios.  Teaching the class is Robert Storer, who is also one of the head faculty for the IBE (Integrated Business and Engineering) programs here at Lehigh. He is very versed in the concepts and really works with students on trying to understand the material.  It has been one of my favorite classes to be in so far here at Lehigh.  I have the follow-up course ISE 121 in the Spring which involves the statistic side of things.  Overall, I am very happy to have pursued Industrial Engineering and strongly encourage other students to do the same!  Before arriving at Lehigh it was never even a consideration for me!

***After taking the class you may never want to gamble again!!!***

Dr. Robert Storer

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