The Presidential Panel

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Keynote Panel Discussion

While I was in Philadelphia for the INFORMS conference, one of the Keynote presentations was a Presidential Panel, which involved a discussion among the presidents of Lehigh University, Rowan University, St. Joseph’s University, and Thomas Jefferson University.  The discussion was to be moderated by Lehigh’s own Dr. Tamas Terlaky, who chairs the ISE department.  The conversation mainly consisted of creating solutions to some of the problems faced in higher education, specifically for those in the science and engineering fields.  Many of the presidents stressed the importance of continuously evolving the education system and curriculum to match society’s needs.  Also, many of the presidents stressed that rankings are not always fair to specific schools based on a wide array of variables.  Ultimately, many of the presidents feel that prospective students should be aware of the current ranking systems, but should not make their decision based solely off of them.  Consider schools and try to get a view of what that specific school can provide to you before attending.  There was just so much information being discussed and debated.  On the Lehigh Engineers’ Twitter page, there are the remnants of what was a live stream of the conversation.  I would recommend checking it out because many of the presidents had unique, yet supported views on different topics.

Link to LehighEngineer’s Twitter: Presidential Panel Live Tweet Stream

Moderator, Dr. Tamas Terlaky
Simon KH low res
Lehigh President, Dr. John Simon
Rowan President, Ali Houshmand
Rowan President, Ali Houshmand
Thomas Jefferson President, Dr. Stephen Klasko (Lehigh alumni)
Thomas Jefferson President, Dr. Stephen Klasko (Lehigh alumni)
St. Joseph’s President, Mark Reed

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