This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to watch Lehigh’s ISA (Indian Student Association) put on a Diwali Show. This showcase was one of the last events to end off the annual international week. I have never really been immersed in the Indian culture but through this event I was able to learn more about Diwali and what it stands for.

ISA’s goal is to promote and educate the Lehigh community about South Asia through our cultural and social programs. Despite its name, ISA comprises of members from all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities.

Through ISA and its affiliated student groups, we provide numerous opportunities for members and the Lehigh community to experience and learn about South Asian culture. Events we host include the Diwali Show, Namaste Lehigh, Holi and Garba. Members of ISA also are performers in various events at Lehigh including FUSION, SpecSpec, International Bazaar and Dance Fest.

The Diwali show consisted of Bollywood themed songs, a skit, a vocal fusion of a Hindi song mixed with hotline bling and my favorite part of it all was the delicious food!

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