Material Science

So this semester I am taking a class called Material Science. At first glance I didn’t think I would like and I only took it because I have to if I want to take the manufacturing track as opposed to the information systems track.

The course started off with us learning about metals, ceramicenon-metals and polymers. First I thought that this was just recapping of high school science but as expected the work got harder and more in-depth. The more in-depth it got the more interested I became in this course. As ISE’s engineers we have to optimize production through queuing systems and rearranging of machinery amongst other things. This means that for the manufacturing track we need to know how materials work, what their constraints are, how much force they can withhold and how long they are meant to be used. This helps us decide what machines to use, how long to use them and how to effectively use them so that we can get the most productivity and profit.

As the course moves on we have been going through crystal structures, ­­­phase diagrams, diffusion, force diagrams and currently phase diagrams. So far the work has been relatively moderate to understand but this past week I have been having some trouble with phase diagrams. Once again I have made a startling discovery… GOOGLE. Initially my professor had said if we have problems we are to consult Professor Google, I took my professors advice and found so many power points and extra information.

Slowly and surely I am learning that college is more than going to classes, it’s also about teaching yourself and taking initiative.

MAT33 Fall2015 Course Outline

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