When you take the classroom outside

When I was in Engineering 5 during my first semester of freshmen year and I signed up to be part of the ISE project I didn’t realize how much it would change my life or even how much I would learn and apply unconsciously on a day-to-day basis.

This past week I had the opportunity to cheer on my friends as they ran in the Turkey Trot. Instead of watching the people run by and wishing I enjoyed running that much I found myself thinking of ways to improve the organization of the race so that the runners would have more space and that spectators would have maximum expose to see their friends run. My little obsession with trying to make the event better suited for both participants and spectators had me researching the Turkey trot and this is what U found:

The Annual Turkey Trot is a 2.6 mile run through campus and has been a tradition for 56 years and is held the Thursday before the Lehigh/Lafayette Football game. This is one of the oldest campus Trots in the nation.According to the brown and white the Turkey Trot is a grueling 2.6 mile race with an ever shifting course.  As it is Lehigh’s campus, there is always a vertical run up “the hill” that leaves participants feeling the effects days after.  It was originally exclusively for residential halls and living fraternities.  Now, the Turkey Trot is open to all students.  The Turkey Trot celebrates two holidays: Thanksgiving and the Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry.

Recent years have amassed as many as 800 participants in the race.  Racers join in teams.   Runners are known to show up in outlandish outfits for the race.  One can see neon blobs and even the occasional Santa running the cross-country style race.  The Turkey Trot is entering its 58th year at Lehigh University.  It is one of the longest traditions Lehigh has and many are dedicated keeping it alive

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This new little habit of optimizing systems at various events is just an example of how Lehigh teaches you to make what you learn integral to your day to day life.

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