Material Science Final Project


For my material Science final project I we were tasked with the following


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.10.13 AM


My friends and I spent all weekend thinking about this and finally come up with an awesome idea ( I will post this solution once we have handed in our projects). This class was one of my electives. Each engineer needs to take 4 engineering electives that are not in their major. Therefore you can take any engineering class from the other disciplines. I decided to try out material science because I was thinking abut majoring in Material Science before I came to the AWESOME side of ISE. With this class I got a little introduction into the life that is : Developing biomaterials for tissue engineering

  • Ceramics for energy applications
  • Composites and metals for aerospace
  • Computational techniques for materials development
  • Eco-materials for green technologies
  • Genetically engineered molecules and semiconductors for electronics
  • Magnetic materials for information storage/processing, biomedicine and energy conversion
  • Polymers for telecommunications and solar energy

I really enjoyed this class and know when I optimize process lines or anything that has machines I will really know how the machines work and how we can effectively use them and maintain them.


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