How to get through finals

So it’s that time of the year again when our professors expect us to remember everything that we have learnt so below are a few tips once again.


So during my ISE class my classmates and I were complaining how we only have one study day before exams officially start and he told us that according to the professors the weekend counted as a study break because they were available to come into class. So defiantly use your professors!


I generally like to study alone but recently I have been learning that once I have done my studying it really helps me to review questions by working with people. My friends and I camp out in a study room and teach each other the work. If you can teach another person the work then it means that you know your work.


Everyone thinks that in college it’s not okay to sleep well newsflash, sleep is essential ! During the exam period it is important to sleep enough so that you are able to function well and concentrate on your studying.

Her is to finals and then winter break!



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