My Schedule for spring semester

Next semester my schedule is really busy, when I say busy I don’t mean that I have lots of class jam packed ( well actually I do). What I mean is that I have lots of Morning classes. I love sleep, sleep is bae but next semester sleep will be a luxury because I have to wake up early. Below is my schedule and the breakdown for each class and what class is about.Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.22.25 AM.png

MATH 023  Calculus III 4 Credits

Vectors in space; partial derivatives; Lagrange multipliers; multiple integrals; vector analysis; line integrals; Green’s Theorem, Gauss’s Theorem.
Prerequisites: MATH 022 or MATH 096 or MATH 032

ISE 131  Work Systems and Operations Management 3 Credits

Workermachine systems, work flow, assembly lines, logistics and service operations, and project management. Operations analysis, methods engineering, work measurement, lean production, and six sigma. Workplace ergonomics, plant layout design, and work management.
Prerequisites: ISE 111 or MATH 231 or IE 111
Can be taken Concurrently: ISE 111MATH 231, IE 111

ISE 132  Work Systems Laboratory 1 Credit

Laboratory exercises, case studies, and projects in operations analysis, methods engineering, work measurement, and plant layout design.
Prerequisites:ISE 131 or IE 131
Can be taken Concurrently:ISE 131, IE 131

ISE 111  Engineering Probability 3 Credits

Random variables, probability models and distributions. Poisson processes. Expected values and variance. Joint distributions, covariance and correlation.
Prerequisites: MATH 022 or MATH 096 or MATH 032 or MATH 052

PHY 021  Introductory Physics II 4 Credits

A continuation of PHY 11. Electrostatics and magnetostatics; DC circuits; Maxwell’s equations; waves; physical and geometrical optics; introduction to modern physics. Two lectures and two recitations per week.
Prerequisites: (PHY 010 or PHY 011) and (MATH 023 or MATH 032 or MATH 052)
Can be taken Concurrently: MATH 023MATH 032MATH 052
Attribute/Distribution: NS

PHY 022  Introductory Physics Laboratory II 1 Credit

A laboratory course to be taken concurrently with PHY 13 or 21. One three-hour laboratory period per week.
Prerequisites: (PHY 012) and (PHY 021 or PHY 013)
Can be taken Concurrently: PHY 021PHY 013
Attribute/Distribution: NS

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