SAS oh SAS, Why so SASSY?

This semester in my ISE computer graphics and design class we have switched from autoCAD (Thank you! Finally) to SAS. SAS is (Statistical Analysis System)[1] is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.


Four reasons to learn SAS?

  • First, knowing SAS is an asset in many job markets. Many ads ask for SAS experience.
  • Secondly, SAS can read files created statistical Second, SAS can read data files created by other statistical packages. SAS allows data files created by SPSS®, Excel®, Minitab®, Stata®, Systat®, and others to be incorporated into a SAS program directly or through file con- version software. Thus, to experienced users of these statistical packages, SAS presents no threat at all because it is possible to convert data files cre- ated by these packages into a SAS file format.
  • Third, various data formats can be imported into SAS with relative ease. In other words, learning SAS will not make you abandon data formats you previously mastered or managed. These formats include those generated and supported by database software such as Oracle®.
  • Fourth, SAS is versatile and powerful enough to meet your needs in data analyses. SAS is flexible, with a variety of input and output formats and numerous procedures for descriptive, inferential, and forecasting types of sta- tistical analyses. Because the SAS System is an integrated system with similar architecture shared by modules or products, once you master one module, you can easily transfer the knowledge to other modules.

Why I love it

I have been considering going into the consulting world as an ISE and going through this class and learning to use SAS has helped me realize my love for coming up with solutuions for real world problems. I cannot wait to use this for my final project on Friday

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