Living in the Lib

Every year there comes a time when students will have to buckle down and either work for the grade they want or try to maintain the grade they have.  At the end of every semester there is a back-breaking process that almost every college student goes through and this is finals week(s).  Our last day of class is this Friday the 4th, and after a short study period, finals begin on the 7th.  This year I have four finals to take, one later this week and three of which are during the examination period.  I have my BUS 126 final in our last class of the semester this Thursday.  This is a part of the business minor track and is one of the first courses in the program.  It focuses on accounting and financing principles.  After this, during finals week I will be taking ISE 111, MATH 023 (Calc III), and Physics 21 (Electricity and Magnetism).  It certainly will not be what I call the most fun of weeks I have ever endured, but it is just a necessary evil.  The one nice thing about the examination period is that there are no classes or any obligations for students.  To some, this can be a detriment with so much free time, but many take advantage of the time by spending hours in the library.  I personally prefer to go to Linderman Library and study at a table in the rotunda.  It is actually where I am right now, and have been for several hours.  Study as much as you can, but don’t kill yourself over it.  I’ve been libing in the liv… oops… I meant living in the library for the past couple of days to make sure I do well on my finals!

Claiming my spot in Linderman’s beautiful rotunda

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