Lehigh Informs Student Chapter (LISC) is comprised of graduate students and works to promote interest in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Field.  INFORMS is an acronym for, Institute of Operations Research and Management Science.  It is a national organization, and I actually talked about attending this year’s conference in Philadelphia in an older post.  At Lehigh, the LISC annually elects a new group of board members who act as a governing body for the program.  I was able to meet this year’s President, Wei Xia, and Vice President, Suresh Bolusani.  Both were very knowledgeable about their fields of study and take the field very seriously. The club sometimes holds social coffee mixers, which I have been unable to attend so far, but certainly hope to in the future.  After speaking with Wei, we decided to try and make INFORMS more visible among the undergraduate classes so that there is a bigger presence here at Lehigh.  I look forward to reading more about what the club accomplishes this year and plan to stay in touch with Wei about anything exciting that will occur!

LISC President, Wei Xia

For anyone interested in the club a little more, please check out this link which will provide the club’s blog, calendar, bylaws, and any other pertinent information to the LISC:

For anyone interested in INFORMS as a national organization:


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