ISE 132

One of the required courses here at Lehigh is ISE 131, which focuses on work systems and production efficiency.  With this class, there is a lab that is ISE 132.  This lab is supposed to help reinforce some of the topics discussed during the class’s lecture.  So far I have had two labs and both were interesting in their own ways.  The first lab involved building a three component block out of Tinker Toys in a variety of ways.  Time was recorded for each of the different assembly processes.  First we jumbled the parts and timed ourselves. Then we organized the parts before assembly and timed it.  Finally we tried a parts fed assembly where someone handed me, the constructor the parts.  After seeing improvements in our times, we were asked to try and improve it ourselves which my group was successfully able to do.  In our second lab, we did a case-study from the book but it actually helped with the course material a lot.  We had to create the process-flow charts for a company’s manufacturing of parts.  It wasn’t the most exciting thing I have done in a lab, but I was happy to finally start understanding the material a little better.  The class seems like it may become tedious at times, but this is fine with me as long as the labs actually continue to help with the material!

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