Summer in Hong Kong!

Today is very exciting for me as I was formally accepted to represent Lehigh in one of the Lee Iacocca International Internships for this upcoming summer!  I will be working at Hutchison Port Holdings in Hong Kong.  The internship actually requested industrial engineers, but also was open to people majoring in some of the business fields.  I believe I will be attending with one other Lehigh student, who I have not met yet.  I am beyond excited for the opportunity.  This will be my first real work experience working full time and it will be in a completely foreign country!  For those of you who don’t know about this internship, it is a program offered by Lehigh to allow kids to enrich themselves in both industry and culture.  Lehigh funds most of the trip and provides a stipend to those who qualify.  There are opportunities in almost every major and are located in over 100 countries across the globe.  For anyone looking to go abroad, but who may not want to study for an entire semester, definitely look into the program.  As I get more information about my specific placement I will be sure to share!


Info on the program:

Where I will be working:

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