ISE 121

Last fall I took a course called ISE 111 which focused on probability.  I am now enrolled in the course that succeeds 111, which is ISE 121.  This course focuses mainly on statistics. Most other engineers at Lehigh take a major-specific course that combines both of these subjects into one semester.  Both probability and statistics are such a large part of ISE, however, that a single semester is necessary to delve into the material.  Thankfully for my wallet, we are using the same textbook that we used in the previous semester (I’ll let you figure out how big this is when you come to the necessary evil of buying books).  The class has two sections taught by two different professors.  My professor taught the class many years ago, but was asked to teach another section because of a large number of ISE majors. So far the class is going well.  He has an interesting teaching style and really cares about us understanding the material as opposed to knowing how to follow formulas.  My section is moving a little slowly at the moment because our professor found out he was teaching only a few days before class started, but expects to pick up soon.  We are learning about different error estimators currently and how to determine which is the best to use for a given situation.  I am excited for the course material, but especially my professor’s teaching style.  I think it will help greatly for classes down the road that require some deeper understanding of course material.

Dr. Louis Plebani

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