What’s Up With Winter?!

Winter Blog 2
Photo taken by Rimmer de Vries

Lehigh, being located in southeastern Pennsylvania, sees its fair share of different weather systems.  The winters can be very cold and very snow-filled, which to some is awesome while others not so much.  I personally am not a fan of the cold, and if Lehigh wasn’t such a prestigious school, I would urge people to travel South for school (just kidding).  Seriously though, if you plan on attending Lehigh, be prepared to bring a winter jacket and any other articles of clothing that can be used to help keep you warm!  This past weekend we had temperatures in single digits, and a couple of weeks ago there was a record snowfall of over thirty inches.  There is definitely a wide variety of climates one experiences throughout the entire school year.  Once you are able to acclimate to the cold weather, the campus is truly something to admire.  Walking among the buildings and trees covered in snow is truly breathtaking.  It helps make walking to class bearable that’s for sure.  My friend woke up early one morning to capture these pictures and figured they’d be perfect for this post.  Hope you enjoy them!


Winter Blog
Photo taken by Rimmer de Vries

P.S. I never truly appreciated winter clothing until being forced to walk from place to place during the day here at college.  So, wherever you end up attending school, be conscious of the climate and how it will change while you are there!

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