ISE Plays With Legos!

Blizzard Blazer Lab 1 1
Finished Blizzard Blazer

In my ISE 132 lab, we got to play with Legos!  This may sound pretty childish and may seem to have nothing to do with Industrial Engineering, but it was actually a very helpful experience!  We were split into groups of five or six, and were tasked with building Lego’s Blizzard Blazer.  Each group had two builders (each building their own), two timers, and an observer/inspector depending on whether or not there were five or six people.  First, we ran some “practice” runs, still recording the time to complete though, to let the builders familiarize themselves with how it is assembled.  After this, we had to split the parts into different work elements and time how long it took to create each element (an element can be composed of virtually anything, it’s up to the IE to determine what the best combinations are!).  With these elements, four workstations had to be created with roughly equal assembly time.  This means that at a single workstation, a worker would be assigned a set group of work elements that only he or she is responsible for creating.  The lab is supposed to mimic the creation of an assembly line and in future labs we will actually test our workstations on an automated assembly line.  Labs for this class really help show the problems IEs face in the real-world, as well as teaching the concepts we discuss in class.

Blizzard Blazer Lab 1
Determining the work elements required for assembly

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