Intro to Electrical Engineering

This semester I am in a course called ECE 083, which is an introductory class to electrical engineering for students not majoring in ECE.  Why would you take a class in electrical engineering if it’s not your major? At Lehigh, all engineers are expected to take three or four classes in different engineering fields.  It is to make students more well-rounded.  Like the average student, I was kind of annoyed at first because the age-old-expression, “When will I ever use this?”  Taking classes in more subjects just gives you more to discuss with other people and you may actually be very interested in the subject too.  Thankfully the professor for ECE is an awesome guy and makes learning the subject fun.  William Best truly understands what being an engineer is about.  He gives open note/open book exams, and his reason is that “you will never, as an engineer, be asked to solve problems without your resources.”  The class deals with circuits and the current and voltages that move through these circuit systems.  So far it has been really interesting and I, more importantly, am glad to have gotten the chance to take a class with professor Best because of his unique teaching style!

ECE problems
Problems with circuit systems
William A. Best, Lehigh University Electrical and Computer Engineering


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