My experience with MySQL

In ISE 224, Database and Design, you work with what you’d expect… A lot of designing databases and understanding how they work.  One of the biggest coding languages related to database design is SQL (sometimes pronounced sequel).  We have learned a little bit of SQL code and how to create queries (the act of drawing information out of the database).  In order to conceptually show the relationships between different attributes we used a program called MySQL.  It allows you to create a database design with a more conceptual view, meaning there are buttons and tools that will create the code for you if you map out the main idea of the database.  This was just our first assignment with the program so it was not very difficult but it did take time to mess around with the functions within it.  I’m coming to learn that building databases will be a very useful skill for both my professional and personal life.  Using them allows vast amounts of information to be stored and easily accessible for whoever needs it.

SQL First Assignment.png

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