Walk for the cure!

Right before spring break, my fraternity hosted a fundraising event that was supposed to raise money and awareness for Huntington’s Disease.  It is a neuro-degenerative disease meaning that people lose certain functions in their body as the disease progresses.  At the walk, a brother who graduated last year came back to speak about how the disease has directly effected his own life.  Sadly, his father passed away about a year and a half ago from the malicious disease.  The other sad fact is that he himself has a fifty percent chance of having the disease later in life because it is hereditary.  He could get tested to see if he will ever experience the symptoms of the disease, but he would rather not have that weighing on his conscience since there is little he could do about it.  Huntington’s is a very serious disease that should be studied more to try and learn what possible treatment and hopefully one day, curing, options are available.  For the walk, people are supposed to wear less clothes to simulate what it’s like to have the disease.  Those who have it constantly shake and lose the ability to use some of their motor skills.  We walked a small loop around campus before returning to the front lawn.  At the event we raised close to $3,000 which is all being donated to helping find a cure.  A lot of organizations on campus take part in these philanthropic events which is definitely a cool thing to be a part of!

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