My Fall Semester Schedule

My Junior year Fall Semester:

ISE 319 Facilities Planning and Material Handling 3 Credits:

Facilities planning including plant layout design and facility location. Material handling analysis including transport systems, storage systems, and automatic identification and data capture.

This course will fulfill one of the four required technical electives ISE majors must take. There is an array of courses in different departments such as Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Business Information Systems (BIS), Math, and other ISE related fields.

ISE 230 Introduction to Stochastic Models in Operations Research 3 Credits:

Formulating, analyzing, and solving mathematical models of real-world problems in systems exhibiting stochastic (random) behavior. Discrete and continuous Markov chains, queueing theory, inventory control, Markov decision process. Applications typically include traffic flow, call centers, communication networks, service systems, and supply chains.

 This course is a required course for all ISE majors and is actually a pre-requisite for some other required ISE courses.  I am trying to take these early so that I have more options later on in either Junior Spring semester or Senior year.

BUS 225 Developing, Producing, and Marketing Products and Services I 3 Credits:

Introduction to the key elements in the marketing framework of a corporation. Focus on defining marketing, analyzing the market and competitors, developing effective marketing strategies, segmenting the market, creating customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty, analyzing consumer and business markets, creating brand equity, and managing an effective marketing program to deliver the right products and services to the right audience at the right place at the right price and the right time. Emphasis on business writing skills. Experiential learning through the development of a product or service marketing plan.

This is one of the courses in the business minor track.  After Spring semester of my Junior year I should be finished with the business minor.  The program is very fun and teaches you the fundamentals of business while still understanding business is not everyone’s field of choice.

CSE 17 Programming and Data Structures 3 Credits:

Algorithmic design and implementation in a high level, object-oriented language such as JAVA. Classes, subclasses, recursion, searching, sorting, linked lists, trees, stacks, queues.

This is one of two courses required for ISE majors.  This course fulfills one of four engineering electives which is a course in an engineering field outside of our major.  CSE 17 is a prerequisite for a class that leads down the Systems track of the ISE program here at Lehigh.

MECH 002 Elementary Engineering Mechanics 3 Credits:

Static equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies. Elementary analysis of simple truss and frame structures, internal forces, stress, and strain.

This is another course that will count for the engineering elective credit that is required for the ISE program.  The course is with a very good professor, Bill Best, who I currently have.

MATH 205 Linear Methods 3 Credits:

Linear differential equations and applications; matrices and systems of linear equations; vector spaces; eigenvalues and application to linear systems of differential equations.

This is the last required Math course that I will have to take here at Lehigh.  I am not one hundred percent sure what the course is about but am intrigued because I’m sure it will be different than any other types of Math I have already taken.

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