Career Fair

Career Fair

Junior year is finally upon us and with 2 years of college under our belt, we are ready to tackle the last two years. It feels surreal to be done with two years of college but with that comes new responsibility, life changing decisions and preparing to be an adult. The first thing on the impending “Adult” list is getting an internship or some work experience in the summer of your junior year. ISE 100 is required work experience for graduation.


The Industrial and Systems Engineering department does an awesome job with setting up a separate career fair geared towards ISE and HSE (Healthcare Systems Engineering) students. AdvertISEd, in the following way “Lehigh’s Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Council will be holding their seventh ISE Career Fair, a day before the Lehigh University Career Fair on September 17. Employers and students will be able to meet in a personal setting that and discuss the company’s internship/co-op/job opportunities!” This was an event not to be missed.

As a sophomore I went to the ISE career fair and blogged about it (check it out here : but this year I thought I would ask some of my peers to give their opinion on it so you could have a more holistic view of why this is an important event and why it beneficial to Lehigh Students.


Jackie Hilderbrand class of 2018 said :


  1.  The ISE career fair is important because it gives you the opportunity to connect with the companies in a more personalized way
  2. It made me feel nervous at first but it is less overwhelming than the actual career fair
  3. I think the ISE career fair is more important and valuable than the actual career fair since the companies are hiring ISE students in specific, which gives a great advantage to us.”

James Park class of 2018 said :



  1. Why the career fair is important: I think the career fair is important because it gives students the opportunity to field different internship and career options that they didn’t know were available to them

Also, the experience of meeting individuals from a specific firm can give you a short but useful insight into the type of people that work there and the work culture

  1. It made me realize that there are a lot more career opportunities out there than one thinks – it just takes some digging to find the path that fits you

I thought it was well put together and it’s great that the department puts such an emphasis on career opportunities that are offered to students.”

Andre Verduzco, class of 2018 said:

“The career fair allows students to see the wide array of opportunities available to ISE students and it was also a great experience to network with professionals of similar backgrounds. I look forward to its continuation.”

As life starts to get a little serious and many juniors (such as myself) start to panic and worry, Lehigh does an amazing job of reminding us that we have been equipped with the necessary skills to thrive. Events and opportunities such as the career fair are prime examples of how Lehigh not only equips us but also provides the platform for us to use our skills.


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