Working Abroad! The culture

This summer, as I mentioned in my preceding post, I was able to live and work abroad for eight weeks in Hong Kong.  Not only was the experience phenomenal for the exposure to the working world, but it provided so many cultural opportunities as well.  It certainly is quite the adjustment moving to the other side of the world trying to find things to do, as well as find your way there.  We became accustomed to the local train system, known as the MTR (which is incredibly clean and efficient), as well as the taxis and mini buses driving around the streets.  Thankfully, many people in Hong Kong speak English so it was not difficult to find help with directions.  The local people were always very kind and welcoming to myself and the other interns.  We were able to make multiple friends, between interns and meeting people while out to eat or exploring Hong Kong’s many districts.  One day we went on a very long hike that ended at a local swimming hole / cliff jumping spot.  It was by far my most memorable day of the trip.  Cliff jumping in itself is obviously a very exciting adventure for the day, but we were able to make friends from four different countries and shared dinner with these incredible people.  While at the swimming hole, we actually met a Lehigh university graduate student who saw the hat and shirts that we were wearing and thankfully said something.  It was kind of amazing to run into a student from Lehigh in the back woods of Hong Kong, and really showed the strength of Lehigh’s global network. On top of these experiences, we traveled to Macau, had some of the best food in the world from many different styles of cuisine, went to some of the best beaches I have ever been to, and got to experience an urban night life in one of the most exciting cities of the world.  I was able to grow so much, and will forever cherish the experience.  I am certainly counting down the days until I am able to return to this incredible place!

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