Junior Year Schedule:

You would think that by this time I would be used to picking classes, registering, and being done with this semesters classes. Yet the butterflies that come with registering are still present as I wait for 7:00am on Tuesday. Picking classes at Lehigh is not rocket science but science does help and short keys are the way to go. For my last semester of junior year my schedule looks a little like:


I am taking the following classes:

  • ISE 226 Engineering Economy and Decision Analysis

3 Credits

Economic analysis of engineering projects; interest rate factors, methods of evaluation, depreciation, replacement, breakeven analysis, after tax analysis and decision-making under certainty and risk.

  • ISE 240 Introduction to Deterministic Optimization Models in Operations Research

3 Credits

Formulating, analyzing and solving mathematical models of real-world problems in systems design and operations. A focus on deterministic optimization models having parameters that are known and fixed. Algorithmic approaches for linear, integer, and nonlinear problems. Solving optimization problems utilizing specialized software.

  • ISE 305 Simulation

3 Credits

Applications of discrete and continuous simulation techniques in modeling industrial systems. Simulation using a high-level simulation language. Design of simulation experiments.

  • HMS 162 (SOC 162) AIDS and Society

4 Credits

Impact of the AIDS epidemic on individuals and on social institutions (medicine, religion, education, politics, etc.); social and health policy responses; international experience; effect on public attitudes and policy on people affected directly by AIDS.

  • THTR 132 (AAS 132) Hip Hop Theatre

4 Credits

Introduction to the creation and performance of Hip Hop theatre. Exploration of the history and culture of Hip Hop through original written material, live performance, music, film, video and web based content. Public performances. Must audition. Consent of instructor required.

As you can see I have an awesome schedule because I start class late on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I hope this help sheds some light on how awesome a junior year schedule














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