Meet Professor Pinter!


Professor János Pinter is a new Professor of Practice here at Lehigh University.  He made the move here from Halifax in Canada where he was working at St. Mary’s University. Pinter has several areas of interest which mainly include operations research, nonlinear optimization, and software development and applications.  An avid learner, he considers these his main focus topics but is always willing to learn about other fields and projects that colleagues are working on.  He has received degrees from Eötvös Loránd University, Moscow State University, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences all with focuses in operations research and optimization.  While living in Hungary, he became the youngest Scientific Manager for the Water Resource Center.  It was here, working with water and air supply issues that Professor Pinter developed a love for solving practical problems.  He then proceeded to a fellowship in Delft, a city in the Netherlands.  Here he served at the Dutch Water Resources Center, where he excelled.  Sadly, due to the economic downturn Professor Pinter was unable to keep working with the Water Resources Center.  This led him to travel to Halifax where he worked at Dalhousie University for three years.  After leaving the University, he created his own consulting firm, PCS Inc.  With this company, he was able to sell software that possess a wide range of problem solving abilities to roughly 500 different companies.  His academic credibility and the help of other marketers and promoters allowed him to successfully establish himself in the software industry. Deciding he wanted to return to teaching, he moved to Turkey and taught as a visiting professor at Bilkent and Özyeğin Universities.  The subjects he taught were finally areas he was very passionate about, engineering economy analysis and nonlinear optimization. This fueled the fire he now has to help teach younger students different industrial engineering principles.  He moved back to Halifax where he taught at St. Mary’s University, just before applying to come to Lehigh.  Now, he has begun to call Bethlehem his home and is very happy and excited to be a part of the Lehigh community.

Professor Pinter has written several books over the course of his adventurous career.  Most notably, Global Optimization in Action, won INFORMS Computing Society Prize for Research Excellence in 2000.  INFORMS is a large conference centered around Industrial Engineering research, products, and companies. I had the pleasure of attending in Philadelphia last year and was able to learn about many topics and meet some very influential people.  He has written several other books on topics including packaging optimization, nonlinear optimization, and even a book about how to write in the programming language Maple.  Professor Pinter has served on countless committees and boards throughout his career.  For a list of his involvements, as well as more background information on him, please visit: Professor János Pinter and Pinter Consulting

Professor Pinter is a truly kind and intelligent man who Lehigh is lucky to have as a part of its faculty.  I am currently in his ISE 230 class, which deals with stochastic models and probability theories.  Every day he arrives with a smile on his face and tries to make sure every student matches by the time we leave.  He has a great understanding of the subject matter and is more than willing to try and help others understand it as well.  It is a pleasure having him in class and also to have had the opportunity to personally sit down with him to learn more about his life.  I am excited for the remainder of the semester and only hope to work with Professor Pinter in the future or take one of his other classes that he instructs here at Lehigh.


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