Technical Electives and where to find them

As an enthusiastic Harry Potter fan, you’ll have to excuse my pun on “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”. ISE Techincal Electives are not Fantastic Beasts but you may not know where to find them. As a Lehigh Industrial Engineer, you have to take at least 4 technical electives to graduate with a degree from Lehigh.

Where to find the image below


Lehigh says that ” ISE Technical Electives  include all ISE 300-level courses (except ISE 305, which is required), ISE 254,  ISE 275, the CSE 2XX (except CSE 241 and CSE 252) and 3XX courses, the BIS 3XX courses, MATH 230, and MATH 251. In addition, ISE 215 can be used as a technical elective, if ISE 172 is selected as a core course. Conversely, if ISE 215 and ISE 216 are selected as core courses, ISE 172 can be used as a technical elective.  ISE 256 can be used as a technical elective .  Of the 4 ISE technical electives that must be taken, at least 2 must be ISE courses.”

Below are the four technical electives I will be taking.

ISE 341  Data Communication Systems Analysis and Design 3 Credits

An introduction to the hardware as well as performance evaluation of data communication networks. Emphasis on data transmission, encoding, data link control, communication networking techniques, and queuing/simulation analysis of network performance.

ISE 344 (MAT 344, ME 344) Metal Machining Analysis 3 Credits

Intensive study of metal cutting emphasising forces, energy, temperature, tool materials, tool life, and surface integrity. Abrasive processes. Laboratory and project work.
Prerequisites: ISE 215 or IE 215 or ME 240 or MAT 206

ISE 382  Leadership Development 3 Credits

Exploration and critical analysis of theories, principles, and processes of effective leadership. Managing diverse teams, communication, and ethics associated with leadership. Application of knowledge to personal and professional life through projects and team assignments

ISE 319  Facilities Planning and Material Handling 3 Credits

Facilities planning including plant layout design and facility location. Material handling analysis including transport systems, storage systems, and automatic identification and data capture.
Prerequisites: ISE 131 or IE 131

I am currently taking 319 and I am loving the class. Currently, we are doing a project where we have to choose a random Industrial Warehouse on the property market and come up with a layout that effectively places the offices and various departments in a way that is the most effective. It is a really big project and we are using CAD for the most of it but this technical elective is fun and interesting. Techincal electives are classes that use the base knowledge you have learnt and apply it in ways you might when you get to the workplace


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