AutoComplete Project

In my CSE 017 class, rather than having a final exam, we were assigned a final project that is supposed to cover a large amount of the topics we discussed throughout the year.  The project is broken up into three deliverables, meaning there are two parts due before the submission of the final project.  We are using the trie data structure to implement the many different methods require to run an autocomplete program that would appear in a search engine such as Google or Bing.  I am currently working on the second deliverable, but am starting to see the program come together and how all of the parts are related. This project is definitely challenging, but a very good test of real world application and solving everyday problems.



Here is some of my work for the first deliverable.  In the end, we will have multiple classes that work together to predict what someone will be typing as if it were a search engine or text messenger.  The classes work together, object-oriented programming, with the different data structures to store information and use it when is necessary.  I will be sure to provide an update as to how the program runs in the end, but in the meantime wish me luck!



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