Internships Part 2

1) My name is Andre Verduzco, I was born in Los Angeles, CA and have lived in Southern California my whole life. My favourite thing about Lehigh would be the campus, it’s hilly but that’s what makes it unique. My favourite class at Lehigh so far has been English 189 which analysed the TV Series Dexter, as a long time fan of the show, it was a class where I learned a lot while having fun.

2) Before attending the SHPE Conference in Seattle I had made a list of companies I wanted to speak to. Once I did I was able to get a follow-up interview with Cummins and MasterCard. I had applied online previously and mentioned that once I was able to speak with a representative in person. From there I got emailed asking for a follow-up.

3) The SHPE Conference centred around helping STEM professionals and students in their careers through engineering workshops, panels, career fairs, and other networking events.

4) I’m  not sure if I am the best person to ask this as I am seeking to improve in this area myself. However, some tips I have had success with is to not sweat the small stuff, i.e., not feeling like you need to know every detail of the company, as long as you know basic things like their mission statement and what they do, that’s what matters. In addition to that, always think beforehand how you can relate experiences you have had to the position. Another piece of advice I heard from a P&G Workshop was to give a strong handshake, not have bad breath, and to make eye contact, small things that the recruiter said applicants sometimes forget about.

5) Through the conference, I was able to learn a lot of things which ranged from all the workshops and events held. For example, one workshop centred around Toyota Engineers speaking about the future of autonomous driving. I also got a lot of valuable feedback from the different employees I spoke to during the conference. I left with a better idea of what companies are seeking of applicants and how to improve my resume in that regard.

6) Outside of the many opportunities that were provided to me as mentioned earlier, my favorite thing about the Conference was checking out the city of Seattle. I had never been to Washington and was able to see the different attractions in the city like the Space Needle, the Gum Wall, the Fremont Troll, University of Washington, and Amazon Headquarters just to name a few. Definitely one of the best cities I have ever been to and it was a nice break from school work.

7) Thanks for the interview!


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