This semester I am taking one of the hardest ISE classes but if I’m being honest it is one of the most interesting ISE. ISE 305 IS 3 Credits and according to the Lehigh website it is :

Applications of discrete and continuous simulation techniques in modeling industrial systems. Simulation using a high level simulation language. Design of simulation experiments.

We have 2 one hour classes a week as well as a 75 minute lab where we go through simulations on this software called Arena. Now this might seem really easy and simple but the software is hard to learn and the weekly assignments are tricky. My group and I spend about 6-7 hours on this a week and it’s only the beginning. Simulation is really interesting and is one of the classes that I will actually use directly once I work. Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed; this model represents the key characteristics or behaviors/functions of the selected physical or abstract system or process.

Arena is a discrete event simulation and automation software developed by Systems Modeling and acquired by Rockwell Automation in 2000.[1] It uses the SIMAN processor and simulation language. In Arena, the user builds an experiment model by placing modules (boxes of different shapes) that represent processes or logic. Connector lines are used to join these modules together and to specify the flow of entities. While modules have specific actions relative to entities, flow, and timing, the precise representation of each module and entity relative to real-life objects is subject to the modeler. Statistical data, such as cycle time and WIP (work in process) levels, can be recorded and made output as reports.

I hope this doesn’t scare you but as scary and complicated as Arena is it is also one of the most interesting things I am learning at Lehigh.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.56.11 AM.png


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