Junior Spotlight


Tell me your name, where you from, your favorite thing about Lehigh 

James Park, NJ, the people I’ve met and befriended.

     Do you have any tips for fellow juniors as they prepare for internship applications? 

Start as early as possible, ideally around spring semester of freshman year. 

The earlier you can understand and explore career opportunities the better your chances are

at landing an internship position because companies are recruiting earlier and earlier every year.

Many companies offer programs/positions as early as sophomore year which pipelines to

a junior year internship and then a full time offer.

    What are you looking most forward to in your internship?

Traveling and meeting other passionate people in the industry.

    How did Lehigh help prepare you for the internship

Lehigh improved my ability to work efficiently with tight deadlines.

 Which class was most challenging and how did you overcome that?

Materials Science & Engineering. Working and studying with friends helped me to understand the subject better.

Who is your favorite professor

Michael Kuchka, professor of molecular biology. I took a cancer class with him while I was in the arts & sciences school.

   What is your favorite thing about being an ISE major?

Being able to solve problems on paper that I can actually see myself doing in the future in my career.


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