Junior Spotlight


Tell me your name, where you from, your favorite thing about Lehigh 

Sherri Murphy, NYC, my favorite thing is the people 🙂

     Do you have any tips for fellow juniors as they prepare for internship applications? 

Apply everywhere! ISEs can be useful in almost every field, so everywhere is looking for us! Also emphasize that we are “ISE” instead of just “IE.”

    What are you looking most forward to in your internship?

Being able to actually apply what I’ve learned for the past 3 years. and $$

    How did Lehigh help prepare you for the internship

Honestly Lehigh didn’t really prepare me at all besides the educational aspect… most of the places I have interviewed/been given offers were not even through Lehigh. 

 Which class was most challenging and how did you overcome that?

All of the calculus classes. I never overcame it… I disliked every second of taking them but suffered through because they are required.

Who is your favorite professor


   What is your favorite thing about being an ISE major?

That we can go into virtually any field, and we have a very wide range of talents and skills. 


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