Senior Series

Last week I met up with Jay Kothari who is a senior ISE and had a conversation with him about his ISE experience for the Senior Series.


 What is your favorite thing about the ISE department?

The different disciplines within the major; a lot of students assume that ISE is synonymous with manufacturing, but the reality is there’s much more (computer science, stats, math, econometrics, etc.).
What has been your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is ISE 395 (Mining Massive Datasets). It combined my interests in computer science and math and allowed us to use them in very open ended projects.
Which class was most challenging and how did you overcome that?
The most challenging course I took was ISE 172 (Algorithms in Systems Engineering). I got through that course with the help of my classmates.
Who is your favorite professor?
My favorite professors in the department are Martin Takac and Gus Gustafson. Both of them exposed me to many new things, helping me grow and develop immensely.
What is your favorite thing about being an ISE major?
How broad the curriculum is; there’s something in here for everyone.
Advice to future ISE majors
Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re stuck. Also, stop by the ESC (2nd floor Mohler) before your senior year if you’re interested in getting experience.
Where to from now.
I’ll be consulting for IBM in Manhattan. I’m looking forward to all the traveling I’ll be doing.

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